Approval Process

Who What Outcome Timing
(working days)
Strategic Orientation
COSO team and concerned staff from RSDD, RDs and RMs Meet to set strategic directions and procedures for PPF in the PPI implementation framework Agreed selection criteria and approval procedure for PPF proposal annually
COSO team and concerned staff from RSDD, RDs and RMs Meet to review progress and agree on major changes in PPF scope and procedures Updates and agreed steps forward as needed
Proposal Submission and Processing
1.Public Procurement Authority or other relevant authorities in DMCs (the PPA) COSO receives proposals in response to the invitation for PPF proposals Proposals received before the deadline        (on-line and hard copy) twice a year (or annually)
2. PPF Coordinator in COSO Screen the proposals (eligibility check) and forward them to the Proposal Selection Committee (PSC) for further assessment; -List of eligible proposals  for PCS review

-Memo for forming the PSC

3. PSC: concerned staff from COSO, RDs, RMs, chaired by PPF Coordinator Assess proposals (selection criteria) and select the proposal(s) for PPF funding -PSC recommendation on selected proposal(s)

-Letter to the PPA

4. PPF Coordinator in COSO, the PPA Follow up with PA as necessary directly or through ADB RD/RM and finalize the proposal Final PPF proposal(s) for approval

The government no-objection letter

5. PPF Coordinator Check the compliance of the final PPF proposal(s) against the initial proposal(s) cleared by PSC COSO compliance confirmation 2
6. PPF Coordinator Forward final PPF proposal (s) to Principal Director of COSO for approval Approval of PPF proposal(s) 3
PPF Coordinator and the PPA of concerned DMCs (Delegated or joint)  administration and management of the proposal(s); MOU or Fax Letter,

Consulting Contracts, Reports