In response to the need to mobilize financial and professional resources to complement existing and new public procurement reforms in the Asia Pacific region, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) approved the regional technical assistance project on Asia Pacific Procurement Partnership Initiative (the PPI). The PPI will provide a flexible and effective technical support to national public procurement reforms measures. A key feature of the PPI is a Procurement Partnership Facility (the PPF) which will provide financial support to implement high priority procurement related project proposals initiated by developing member countries of ADB (DMCs).

The PPF is a competitive, flexible and targeted funding modality that will bridge country-owned development efforts and Development Partners’ support towards achieving better results in the reform process. It can support demand-driven, tailored and coordinated capacity development activities, such as procurement policy advice, implementation support, peer-to-peer exchange, research and training to accelerate ongoing procurement reform processes, depending on the need and commitment of the DMC concerned.

The number and value of project proposals to be financed from the PPF may vary depending on the demand and relative merits of the submitted proposals. The success and the demand of the initial stage of the PPF implementation, may contribute to the sustainability of the facility granting more funding opportunities including the bilateral and development partner co-financing and collaborative arrangements.

The invitation for PPF proposals and the guidelines for proposal submission, selection approvals and results will be disseminated through primarily the PPI Website and through electronic notification to website subscribers and to public procurement related – networks as well as, to the extent possible, through dissemination of this information to public procurement officials, development partners and civil society organizations representatives at meetings, conferences and workshops.

Proposals should have a direct impact on outcomes within the chosen theme. The use of funding and the proposal implementation will be monitored by ADB.