Implementation Arrangements

ADB will be responsible for overall implementation of the PPF and its administration. The PPF proposals will be invited annually over the course of the PPI implementation. The government authority responsible for government procurement policy and reforms will normally be the PPF project proponents and will implement their respective proposals subject to ADB approval. The expected value of the project proposal should not exceed US$150,000.

The PSC will review batches of proposals as they are submitted each year. The PSC will consist of the PPF Coordinator acting as a Chairperson and relevant staff members of ADB. The PSC may, at its discretion, include representation from civil society organizations and other development partners. The PSC will recommend the PPF proposals for approval based on the PPF requirements (proposal selection criteria). The PSC may recommend proposals that exceed the available budget to be included in the pipeline proposal list.  Such ‘pipeline’ proposals can only be considered for funding in the event of additional funding under the PPF.

Consultants to assist in implementation of approved proposals will be selected by ADB, unless otherwise agreed. The PPF project proponents, in consultation with ADB, will provide (i) support in the selection of national consultants by advertising the national consultants position locally; preparing a shortlist of potential candidates, arranging interviews; and (ii) counterpart support to the consulting team on work programs, day-to-day administrative guidance; and (iii) suitable work space, furniture, and equipment including computers and computer connections, work-related transport, and reasonable administrative/secretarial support. The PPF budget will provide international and local travel for the consultants, and training and workshop cost, as appropriate and approved in the proposal. Results should be measurable within the timeframe of implementation specified in the proposal.

The PPF will award up to 3 proposals of grant based on the recommendation of a Proposal Selection Committee (PSC), which will be comprised primarily of experts from relevant departments of ADB.

The proposal submissions are expected on-line, although hard copy submissions will be accepted provided that the required format is followed. All proposals must be submitted in English. If you are unable to access the relevant pages, please e-mail: Proposals should be received not later than 6 p.m. Manila time (3:00 p.m GMT) on 20 November, 2010.


20 August  – 20 November, 2010: Call for proposals

All proposals for PPF 2010 should be submitted online, or through email, or through hard copy to the ADB Resident Missions (RMs), using the format/template provided in this site.

20 November  – 20 December, 2010: Review of proposals

Proposals will be reviewed, assessed and selected by PSC.

20 December, 2010: Announcement of the PPF proposals approved by ADB

Approved proposals are expected to be implemented within 6 months starting January 2011.