PPF Proposal Template

I.              BASIC DATA

i. Proposal Title:
ii. Theme[1] :
iii. Government request date[2]:
iv. Procurement Authority/IA:
v. Amount of request:
vi. Proposed Duration :
vii. Country:


1.         Describe (i) proposal concept and justification for PPF funding (ii) a brief summary of the country procurement initiatives, reform agenda and measures the proposal seeks to address; (iii) the scope of the proposed activities to be undertaken, project description including impact, outcome, outputs, activities, and inputs; (iv) implementation arrangements; (iii) detailed terms of reference for consultants, and (iv) detailed budgets the total amount of which should not exceed US$150,000.

2.         Summarize the major proposal issues and risks, and the corresponding mitigation measure(s) that have been identified in any procurement related assessment.

3.         Explain the proposal’s significance in the broader country and sector context including the impact on ADB operations. Where relevant, refer to ongoing and/or planned procurement reform initiatives and measures being undertaken in the country by the Government and other development partners (i.e., in addition to the proposed initiative).


A.            Impact, Outcome, and Outputs

4..        State the expected Impact and Outcome of the proposal, and planned Outputs[3]. These should be consistent with the government procurement reform strategy and agenda, which can be annexed.

B.           Approach and Key Activities

5.         Explain how the expected outputs will achieve the outcome. Outline the key activities associated with the proposed approach to achieve the outputs. Identify any major assumptions and risks that need

to be considered. Describe how the activities will be coordinated with other initiatives funded by the government or other sources not only to complement the procurement reform objectives also to collaborate and partner for better results. The innovativeness and viability of the approach, if any, shall be clearly explained and linked with the proposed implementation arrangements.

6.         The sustainability of the proposal shall be explained and linked to approaches and expected outputs. Explain if proposed activities or results can be scaled up or replicated to a broader level.

C.           Implementation Arrangements

7          Describe the substantive role of the executing/implementing agencies, including other agencies if any. The nature and extent of counterpart resources should be explained to show the ownership and support proposed for the project.

8          Prepare outline terms of reference for any consultants required, including objectives, scope of work, detailed tasks, outputs and timetable, reporting and liaison, areas of expertise required, person days/months, and indicative budget. Indicate international and national consultant expertise required. Include consultant terms of reference as an appendix to the proposal.

9.         Describe how the proposal will be managed, monitored and reported. Indicate the schedule of reporting. ADB will require a progress report within a reasonable time after proposal approval, and a final report submitted by the consultant within 90 days after completion of the consultant engagement.

D.           Cost Estimates

10.       Propose the budget, using the Cost Estimates template below


Item Cost
1.   Consultants 0.00
a.   Remuneration and Per Diem 0.00
i.    International Consultants (if any) 0.00
ii.    National Consultants 0.00
b.   International (if any) and Local Travel 0.00
c.   Reports and Communications 0.00
2.   Training, Seminars, and Conferences 0.00
3.   Surveys 0.00
4.   Miscellaneous Administration andSupport Costs 0.00
5.   Contingencies 0.00
Total 0.00

[1] Select any on or more of the following six critical themes: (i) assessing procurement systems and evaluating performance; (ii) developing procurement reform strategies; (iii) strengthening procurement management; (iv) improving procurement execution; (v) procurement performance monitoring and oversight; and (vi) building procurement capacity indicated in the PPF Guidelines.

[2] A formal request from the Government for PPF funding, and confirming local ownership and commitment, will be required. The copy of the Government letter can be attached to the final proposal once the proposal is endorsed by the Proposal Selection Committee of ADB.

[3] Impact – a statement of desired medium term goal that is partly attributable to the proposal

Outcome – a purpose achievable by the completion of the proposal that is directly attributable to the proposal

Outputs – goods and services or institutional/behavioral changes produced by the proposal

For further info on these terms, please refer to http://www.adb.org/Documents/guidelines/guidelines-preparing-dmf/default.asp