APPF Consultative Meeting Aug 2009

Asia Pacific Procurement Forum


Asian Development Bank, Manila, Philippines
August 24 to 25, 2009

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) conducted a consultative meeting on 24-25 August 2009 to gather inputs from procurement officials and donor partners across Asia and the Pacific region to establish a “Procurement Forum”.  The proposed Forum aims to establish a mechanism to network procurement policy officials from ADB client countries to facilitate sharing of experiences and the adoption of international good practice in procurement policy and reform.

A total of 68 individuals from 24 developing member countries (DMCs) and other donor partners & civil society organizations came to Manila to participate in the consultative meeting.  Following are the conference output developed over the course of this exercise (clicking on any of the hyperlinks below will bring you to the relevant document or presentation).


  1. Summary of Proceedings
  2. List of Participants
  3. Report on Results of the Exit Questionnaire
  4. Summary of Breakout Discussions


  1. Agenda
  2. Breakout Discussion Topics
  3. Breakout Groupings
  4. Exit Questionnaire
  5. Summary Concept Paper


  1. Shifting Gears to Finish the Job: From JV to Clusters
  2. Asia Link Project
  3. Indonesia Road Map for Aid Effectiveness
  4. Anti-Corruption Initiative
  5. OECD-DAC Country Systems: The Philippine Experience
  6. Forum Web2


  1. Opening Address by ADB Operations Group 2 Vice President Mr. C.L. Greenwood, Jr.
  2. Introductory Remarks by ADB-COSO Principal Director Hamid Sharif
  3. Closing Statement by ADB-COSO Principal Director Hamid Sharif