Upcoming Public Procurement Meetings/Conferences:

30 Nov – 1 Dec 2010 – PPI East/Southeast Asia Sub-Regional Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam: This is the first sub-regional group session coming out of the PPI Start-up Meeting in Yogyakarta last July 2010 where the PPI work plan was developed and its outputs defined.  The themes for this sub-regional meeting in Hanoi include 1) professionalizing the procurement function, and 2) e-Procurement (e-GP).  A tentative Agenda can be viewed through this link.  Participants will be comprised of public procurement officials from China, Mongolia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.  Resource persons on e-GP from Canada and South Korea will be giving presentations.

Recently Concluded Public Procurement Meetings/Conferences:

26-28 Aug 2010 – 4th International Conference on Public Procurement, Seoul, Korea: The IPPC is a global forum which provides a valuable opportunity for practitioners and researchers alike to explore new frontiers, share best practices, and discuss emerging critical issues in public procurement.  Visit the IPPC 2010 site.

9-10 August 2010 – International Conference on Public Procurement Regulation, University of Malaya, Malaysia: This inaugural one and a half-day conference is aimed at galvanizing interest in the research, study and teaching of public procurement regulation in the ASEAN region.  It will focus on a range of issues relating to the evolution of procurement laws and regulation in the region, the current status in public procurement regulation in ASEAN countries, and a review of the existing processes and appropriate remedies.  Continued updates on this event can be found at this weblink.

28-30 July 2010 – Asia Pacific Procurement Partnership Initiative (PPI) Start-up Meeting, Yogyakarta, Indonesia: The PPI held a Meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 28-30 July 2010 to develop a work plan and define the outputs of the PPI.  The meeting documentation and updates can be accessed through this link.  The countries which attended include Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam.  In addition, organizations such as Procurement Watch, Transparency International, and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) were represented.

3-5 May 2010 – OECD-DAC Task Force on Procurement Meeting, Nairobi, Kenya: The OECD-DAC Task force on Procurement meeting brought together more than 100 participants from public procurement authorities around the world as well as procurement experts from development partner organizations such as the Asian Development Bank.  Documentation relating to the meeting as well as future updates on meeting summaries can be accessed from the United Nations Procurement Capacity Development Centre webpage through this link.

26-29 April 2010 – 6th Central Asia Regional Public Procurement Forum, Istanbul, Turkey: Following through on the 5th Public Procurement Forum in the Kyrgyz Republic last April 2009, co-sponsored by the World Bank, the Islamic Development Bank, and the Asian Development Bank, this Forum aims to continue to strengthen the capacity of participating countries to improve country procurement systems.  Meeting documentation and output continue to be updated, and can be accessed through this weblink.

24-25 August 2009 – Asia Pacific Procurement Forum Consultative Meeting, ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines: Some 68 procurement professionals from 24 ADB developing member countries (DMCs) and other donor partners & civil society organizations came to Manila to participate in the consultative meeting.  A complete set of conference output and other documentation developed over the course of this exercise can be accessed through this link.