Proc1Procurement is at the heart of the effective and efficient delivery of public services.  It also involves the management of large amounts of money and is the largest single cause for allegations of corruption and government inefficiency.  Weak procurement policies and practices constrain development, and waste scarce public funds. Expenditure on public procurement is a significant part of most national budgets and is linked to the level of national economic growth and international and regional trade.

In August 2009, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) hosted a consultative meeting (the Consultation) to canvass with stakeholders across Asia and the Pacific the possible advantages of establishing a procurement forum or a similar facility that promotes informed policy dialogue and more effective information exchange on internationally acceptable or good procurement practices. The Consultation participants concluded that a forum/facility that fosters stronger dialogue and collaboration among various stakeholders to support public procurement reform and related efforts of developing member countries (DMCs) in Asia and the Pacific was needed and would benefit ADB’s member countries, development partners (DPs), and civil society organizations (CSOs). Six critical subject areas under public procurement were endorsed at the Consultation for initial DMC focus, namely: (i) assessing procurement systems and evaluating performance; (ii) developing procurement reform strategies; (iii) strengthening procurement management; (iv) improving procurement execution; (v) procurement performance monitoring and oversight; and (vi) building procurement capacity.

As a result of the Consultation, ADB approved a regional capacity development technical assistance (R-CDTA) that will provide financial and professional support to establish the Procurement Partnership Initiative (PPI).  The R-CDTA will focus on developing collaborative initiatives between DMCs that promote informed policy dialogue and enhanced knowledge and capacity in the six critical subject areas endorsed by the DMCs during the Consultation.

One output of the R-CDTA is the development and maintenance of a dynamic website to provide an online platform for information exchange among public procurement officials, DPs and others who are interested in public procurement reform and implementation.  Within this context, the R-CDTA is also intended to sponsor procurement reform initiatives, thematic workshops, and targeted research and analytical studies, including country case studies, to support informed policy dialogue and DMC reform strategies, covering issues and challenges in public procurement that are identified by participating DMCs, CSOs and other stakeholders.

A key component of the communication strategy is development of this website (http://adbprocurementforum.net) presently hosted by ADB. The intention of the website is to be an online knowledge centre, forum and service platform for DMCs where information is freely available. It should be the preferred place for all Procurement Authorities, and other stakeholders involved or interested in public procurement to share experiences, and to seek information, advice and/or support from peers and development partners with minimal input from ADB.

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The PPI Team
Asian Development Bank
Manila, Philippines