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HLF-4 Busan, 29 Nov – 01 Dec 2011

The Fourth High Level Forum for Aid Effectiveness (HLF-4) will be held in Busan, Korea on 29 November to 1 December 2011.  This follows meetings in Rome, Paris and Accra that helped transform aid relationships between donors and partners into true vehicles for development cooperation.  Here ministers and specialists will take stock of what has been advanced in implementing the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness (2005) and will seek to set out a new consensus on development.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) is playing a key role to ensure the Asia and Pacific experiences and perspectives are a part of the key HLF-4 agenda and outcomes. It is also supporting participation of developing countries at the HLF-4.  Click here to learn more about ADB’s role in HLF-4.

HLF-4 Busan also presents an opportunity to raise the strategic importance of public procurement through a procurement side event in the afternoon of Day 2, 30 November 2011.  At that side event, there will be discussion on “The Strategic Importance of Public Procurement” (SIPP) by Prof. Gustavo Piga, the primary author of a brief prepared by the ADB.  ADB has funded research leading to the publication of a SIPP brochure for distribution at the forum.  It clearly sets out the opportunities for more effective and efficient public procurement and as an important policy tool.  Click here to view and download a copy of the brochure.

For the latest updates on HLF-4 Busan, do visit http://www.aideffectiveness.org/busanhlf4/.

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Global standard for procurement qualification near

[News item courtesy of The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) Newsletter]
October 2011 | Charles Holden

The introduction of a global standard for procurement qualifications moved a step closer last month with a leading procurement association undertaking a trial to assess whether its qualifications “make the grade” for the new IFPSM-administered benchmark.

The development of The Global Standard for Professional Competence in Purchasing and Supply will see member institutes, among other interested agencies, sign up to a common benchmark for their individual education and qualification programmes. The standard will provide a transferable level of qualification for buyers whose local institutes take part. “It will create a global objective benchmark and develop programmes to help professionals around the world,” said Dr Paul Davis, president of the Irish Institute of Purchasing and Materials Management, and one of the architects of the new standard. “It will also recognize the changing nature of educational and professional development”.

Speaking at the IFPSM World Summit in Stockholm last month, both Davis and fellow programme leader Nora Neibergall of America’s Institute for Supply Management, were keen to stress that the standard would not be a new examination for individual purchasing and supply management professionals but rather a measurement of an institute’s education model based on agreed criteria.

The trial is part of that development and once the standard has been established member associations will apply to have their education offering assessed.

Neibergall pointed out that the standard would not be prescriptive over topics or duration of IFPSM members’ qualifications, but will include “essential content areas” and will retain the flexibility for variations between sectors.

The “guinea pig” project will be complete by December 2011 and under current plans, the standard will be launched formally in January 2012.

Survey Responses on Government Procurement System and e-GP Readiness Now Posted

Under the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Asia Pacific Procurement Partnership Initiative (APPI), ADB’s Central Operations Services Office (COSO) commissioned a Government Procurement System and e-GP Profiles Survey to evaluate the state of e-GP readiness and implementation in its developing member countries (DMCs).

A brief report on the submissions and the overview of the Survey findings (e.g. number of responding DMCs by region, questionnaire parts completed, etc.) can be viewed by clicking on this link.

Access to the “Country Profiles” webpage is presently restricted temporarily to public procurement officials in ADB’s DMCs who had responded to the Survey.  This page restriction will be eventually removed, and the page contents made accessible to all.

This initial exercise may lead to the creation of a dynamic database of country public procurement profiles to house basic facts about each public procurement system of ADB developing member countries. This database, which will facilitate sharing of latest developments and practices with respect to public procurement in the region, will be updated on an as needed basis by the relevant public procurement authority or government agency in charge of each participating country.

Relevant public procurement officials of ADB member countries are therefore encouraged to send an email to mkhaltarpurev@adb.org should there be a need to provide updates to their earlier submissions.

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