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PPI Start-Up Meeting – July 2010

The Asia Pacific Procurement Partnership Initiative (PPI) is holding a Meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 28-30 July 2010.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has recently approved the PPI, a regional capacity development technical assistance which aims to develop a platform for exchange of best practices in procurement among public officials, procurement practitioners (both public and private sector), and civil society. The PPI is an outcome of the Asia Pacific Procurement Forum Consultative Meeting held at ADB Headquarters last Aug 2009 where a total of 68 delegates from 24 of ADB’s developing member countries (DMCs) and other donor partners and civil society organizations actively deliberated on future procurement reform priorities.

The objective of the July 2010 PPI meeting is to develop a work plan and define the outputs of the PPI. A copy of the tentative Agenda can be accessed through this link. The initial themes identified for this working session (indicated as priorities in the PPI web survey undertaken earlier this year) include electronic government procurement (e-GP); capacity building for more effective procurement monitoring and execution by public procurement agencies (PPAs); and ways in which to promote increased PPA independence. Also planned is a half-day session on the role of civil society and non-government organizations in promoting better public procurement.

Participants are senior PPA and ministry officials from some of ADB’s DMCs. Among other issues to be addressed will be formation of ‘core’ PPI sub-regional and regional working groups (e.g. for South Asia, South East Asia, Central Asia, Pacific, etc). Participants in the meeting are expected to set out concrete steps to establish such regional/sub-regional working groups to promote and maintain inter (and intra) country dialogue, cooperation, and collaboration within their respective regions/sub-regions within the next 2-3 years.

The countries attending include Bangladesh, China, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines and Vietnam. In addition, organizations such as Procurement Watch, Transparency International, and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) will be represented.

Developments from this meeting will be posted on this site.Enhanced by Zemanta

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