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Survey Responses on Government Procurement System and e-GP Readiness Now Posted

Under the Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Asia Pacific Procurement Partnership Initiative (APPI), ADB’s Central Operations Services Office (COSO) commissioned a Government Procurement System and e-GP Profiles Survey to evaluate the state of e-GP readiness and implementation in its developing member countries (DMCs).

A brief report on the submissions and the overview of the Survey findings […]

OECD-DAC Procurement Task Force Survey

The Asia Pacific Procurement Partnership Initiative (APPI) is assisting the OECD-DAC Procurement Task Force in getting as many countries as possible in the Asia region to complete the Task Force Survey.  The survey can be accessed by clicking on this link.  We would appreciate your participation in the survey.

The OECD-DAC Task Force is working […]

PPF Proposals Selected

After extensive deliberation by members of the Procurement Partnership Facility (PPF) Proposal Selection Committee (PSC), three (3) proposals out of a total of ten submissions have been selected for possible funding under the PPF, as follows:

1.    Pakistan: “Market Based Construction Cost Data” by Pakistan Institute of Cost and Contracts (PICC) under the Pakistan […]