Public Procurement: Global Revolution IV

The Public Procurement: Global Revolution IV conference will be held onĀ 19th-20th April 2010 at the University of Nottingham Conference Centre. This will bring together academics and practitioners to discuss key current issues in public procurement regulation and education. The conference will be implemented under the EU-funded Asia Link project for developing a global academic network […]

BBC, Internet and Procurement Reforms

This month (March 8 to 21), the BBC is running a season of dynamic and provocative documentaries regarding how internet is changing the world. Dubbed as SuperPower, BBC is likewise showing how else can the world change with internet. Internet looks like it will spare no one including our own desires for reforms in the […]

The PPI Survey Closed

The PPI survey closed last 10th March. The ADB Procurement Forum wishes to thank those who supported the recently completed Procurement Partnership Initiative (PPI) Survey. The survey was initiated to obtain feedback from the public procurement constituency regarding the modalities for a regional collaborative initiatives to promote informed policy dialogue, knowledge sharing and effective capacity […]