US Government Procurement Obligations

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The report of the International Government-Procurement Obligations of the United States: An Overview (Updated May 17, 2005) by Todd B. Tatelman, Legislative Attorney of the American Law Division, contains an overview of the major procurement agreements to which the United States is a party, including the World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement […]

IFAD Procurement Guidelines

In addition to updating the policies and procedures for the procurement of goods, works and related services in response to the significant changes that have occurred in the international socio-economic environment and in development lending since 1982, the IFAD Procurement Guidelines include the procurement of consulting services. IFAD-funded projects have hitherto been using the relevant […]

BOS Fair Opens

ADB’s Business Opportunities Seminar (BOS) and Fair opened today (November 16, 2009) in the Auditorium. More than 250 consultants, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers or investors attended the two-day event. The complete programme of activities can be downloaded here.

In his welcome remarks, VP Larry Greenwood highlighted the uniqueness of the fair. It is a ONE-STOP […]