eGP Global Conference

The need to strengthen public procurement systems (e-gp) is growing, primarily because 15% (or more) of GDP is processed through them. Improving their efficiency and effectiveness can play a critical role in a country’s development process. The introduction of e-gp in country government procurement systems is one of the most powerful vehicles available for promoting […]

e-Government Procurement and ADB

This paper briefly describes Asian Development Bank (ADB), its mission and its partnership with the People’s Republic of China; highlights ADB’s procurement principles; discusses e-procurement requirements for ADB financed projects; and provides some updates on ADB’s current practice and the way forward in e-procurement. The scope of this paper covers mainly procurement of goods, works […]

Sustainable Procurement 101

This entry presents two sustainable procurement sites for procurement professionals. Recent interest on sustainable procurement is heating up due to the concerns on climate change and push for greener products, services and practices.

Sustainable Procurement Information Network (SPIN) claims to be the first and only “one-stop” site dedicated to supporting local authorities in their efforts […]