Regional Conference On Use of Procurement Agents In Public Procurement

Session 1:

  1. Use of Procurement Agents in Asian Development Bank (ADB) Financed Project: Policy Related Issues
    Huang Yinguo, Director, Operations Procurement for East Asia Southeast Asia and Pacific (COS2), Asian Development Bank
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  2. Present Status & Development of the Tendering Agency System In China
    Yuan Bingyu, CEO, Guoxin Tendering Agency System in China
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  3. Centralized Government Procurement & Procurement Agency: the Korean Model
    Da-un, Jeong, Deputy Director, Public Contract and Procurement Policy Division Ministry of Strategy and Finance, the Republic of Korea
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  4. The effect of Procurement Agent mechanism on the Standardizing the market competition
    Shi Yeqing, Department Manager, INSTRIMPEX International Tendering Co. P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

Session 2:

  1. Experiences on Use of Procurement Agents in China’s Foreign Financed Railways Projects
    Tan Li, Foreign Capital & Technical Import Center, P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  2. Enable Procurement Agencies to Fulfill their Roles Push Smooth Implementation of Project Procurement
    Wu Jian ming, Foreign Debts Management Center, Hebei Provincial Department of Finance, P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note
  3. Advantages of Tendering Agent in Bidding Procurement
    Zhai Jianyong, Vice President, Procurement Department, From China National Offshore Oil Corp., P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  4. Centralized Procurement Agent Practices in Large Chinese Enterprise Groups
    Zhang Zhifeng, Vice President, State Grid Materials Co., Ltd, P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  5. Improve Service Level and Increase Service Depth – The Basis to Establish a Mutual Trust Partnership System between Bidding Agencies and Clients
    Ge Naixi, General Manager, Northwest (Shaanxi) International Tendering Company
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  6. Transparency of China’s International Biddings of Electromechanical Products and the Complaints Handling Mechanism
    Gao Hua, National, Office for Import and Export of Mechanical and Electronic Products Machinery and Electronics Industries Division, Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China
    Presentation | Briefing Note

Session 3:

  1. A Representation on the Accreditation of China’s Tendering Agencies
    Wu Quiang, Vice General Manager, Jiangsu International Tender Corp., P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  2. Enhancing Efficiency and Expertise through Government Procurement Agency
    Hee Seok Byeon, Director General, Construction Works Bureau, Public Procurement Service (PPS), the Republic of Korea
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  3. Market Orientation and Service Capability of Tendering Agent
    Li Xiaolin, Deputr Secretery General, China Tendering & Building Association, P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  4. Modern Information Technology and the Development of Bidding Agency
    Zhang Lijiang, Specialist, China Tendering & Bidding Association, P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

Session 4:

  1. Use of Procurement Agents in Public Procurement
    Bob Vlietstra, Director, IPA BV
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  2. The Use of Procument Agents
    Rob Boddy, Charles Kendall & Partners Ltd.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  3. Procurement Agents – their effective role in Project Implementation
    Karen Harries, Sr. Procurement Advisor, Crown Agents
    Presentation | Briefing Note

Session 5:

  1. The Development of China’s Procurement Agency Industry
    Zhao Yong, Institute of Public Market and Government Procurement, The University of International Relations, P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  2. Research on the Development Status of China’s Tender Agent System
    Zhu Jianyuan, President, China Bidding Ltd., P.R.C.
    Presentation | Briefing Note

  3. Procurement Agents in the Philippines
    Atty. Janet B. Abuel, Assistant Secretary, Department of Budget and Management
    Presentation | Briefing Note

UNPCDC Shares 2011 Annual Report and other News

One of the APPI’s development partners, the Procurement Capacity Development Centre (PCDC) of the UNDP’s Capacity Development Group, shares with us its Annual Report for 2011 and other important news.  Repeated below is a note from the PCDC containing hyperlinks to the various documents and relevant webpages.

Dear Friends of the PCDC,

We are happy to share with you the annual report for 2011. The report highlights achievements from 2011 and looks forward towards 2012.

In 2011, PCDC has collaborated with the OECD/DAC Task Force on Procurement to develop A Practical Guide to Transforming Procurement Systems. 2011 also saw a significant expansion in the knowledge content available on the PCDC website and the launch of the online forum. Recently, a discussion paper on procurement capacity development in fragile states was developed. During the year PCDC responded to the demand for capacity development support in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Lao PDR and other countries.

In the near future we will launch a new website and web application for procurement capacity development.

We look forward to engaging with you throughout 2012 and wish you a happy holiday season!

On behalf of the PCDC Team

Rasmus Jeppesen
Procurement Capacity Development Centre (PCDC)
UNDP Capacity Development Group

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APPI e-Newsletter Now Online

The first issue of the APPI e-Newsletter is now online.  Please click on this link to go directly to the e-Newsletter.

The APPI (Asia Pacific Procurement Partnership Initiative) is a regional technical assistance (RETA) project that establishes ADB’s policy and approach for supporting its member countries in public procurement capacity improvement.  It was launched in December 2009 with the aim of creating a platform to strengthen regional (and sub-regional) exchange of information and partnership among public procurement officials.

The APPI e-Newsletter is intended to keep the broad membership of the APPI informed of its activities and events on a quarterly basis.  Please feel free to forward this notice to other interested public procurement colleagues.

Season’s greetings to all!

The APPI Team

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